Operation Hygiene

Welcome to the
flu season.

Flu season is coming! Isn't that exciting?
Due to the rapid change of season in Zhengzhou, it is easy for people to catch a cold or even a flu. In order to avoid getting the propagating sickness, it's time to refresh your memory of how to be hygienic.


Sickness usually spreads through virus, bacterium, or fungus. They can travel via medias such as air. It is important to protect yourself and your fellow human being by wearing masks.

Protection for yourself.

Wearing masks isolates your respiratory system with the contaminated air that contains germs. Besides, masks protect you from dust inhalation that would lead to chronic respiratory disease.

Protection for others.

If you are sick, masks isolate your contagious coughs and sneezes, protecting others from getting illness.

Surgical masks.

You look serious, but it works. Surgical mask is the best fit for sickness prevention. While it isolates you from contagious diseases, it also keeps you comfortable.


Your respiratory system is isolated from germs and industrial level particles. Because of such advantage, you will have a hard time to breathe.

Funny masks.

Funny masks make you look funny, and it also makes your respiratory system feel funny. You might also cause other people to feel funny, too.

Wear Your Masks.